Effects on Family cards

We constantly strive to make Family cards unique and achieve the best possible visual effect of the design created. By using additional effects in printing and finishing, family cards leave an amazing impression on those who look at them and, that way, make family cards unique and distinct from other ones.

Efekat Zlatnog glitera
Efekat zlatno i srebrnog glitera
Kazino plastična kartica

Gold and silver often create the impression of value with the people who look at them making the item one of a kind. Our cards achieve this effect by using Gold and Silver glitter on their surface. Glitter is applied before or after printing which contributes to reaching an effective visual look but also to show your customers that you take care of them and each detail as well. Using this effect adds up to the value of card and just as to the brand conveying the message. The effect of Gold and Silver glitter can be applied over the whole card surface or only on parts of them to highlight particular elements.

Gold gliter na kartici

Visual effect is an excellent solution and gives cards precious and luxurious look. Glitter effect can be intensified by using embossed Gold or Silver glitter on the card surface giving the card the additional texture felt under fingers. That way you give another new dimension to card holder.

What we like to see and keeps our attention is shimmering details on various items. Whether the cards are yellow, gray, blue or red, adding pearl layer on it will make the visual effect of the card amazing, authentic, intriguing and unique. Pearl layer can be applied on the whole card surface or only on its parts adding a dynamic and remarkable visual detail.

Biserni nanos na kartici

Highlighting details can be achieved with many various production techniques we use, especially by a combination of different effects and one of the most commonly used for highlighting is applying spot UV on the card surface.

Spot UV can highlight details, logo or graphic elements but it is also possible to achieve a high quality texture or create an interesting pattern that gives a card dynamics between matte base and shiny details created by spot UV itself. What’s more, spot UV can be applied onto the card in a thinner layer but it is also possible to create a perfect height (embossed) spot UV that makes the effect even greater because of its raised texture.

efekat uv laka na kartici

Soft touch effect is an additional layer applied on the card that gives the feel of plush fabric when touched. By using this effect, we make it possible to highlight certain elements and add a matte plush texture to them.

efekat plisa na kartici

Optical illusions are interesting and often get more attention and admiration. That is exactly the effect we can use on plastic cards to create extra attention and admiration with its holder. Depth effect is a very interesting optical illusion that leaves a visual impression of indented surface on even card surface. The effect is achieved by using only Gold or Silver glitter effect and the results are outstanding.

Udubljeni efekat na kartici

Metallic foils and their sophisticated look always capture close attention and can often combine with other effects on plastic cards. We offer numerous different-color metallic foils that you can create a striking design with giving cards additional luxurious detail.

efekat metalik folije
efekat ispupcene metalik folije

We can achieve an amazing effect of embossed metallic foil by combining Metallic foil and embossed spot UV whose main feature is a perfect effect of raised texture in various colors of metallic foil.

Metallic foils, as well as raised texture effect, is possible to combine with different colors of metallic foils that give a completely new dimension and creative options for adding effects on plastic cards.

An extremely interesting effect can be achieved with embossed metallic foil through tiny elements created by top layer of spot UV and foil creating a Crystal effect. Applying spot UV and foil this way gives a visual effect of small crystals also felt when you touch the card. With great creativity and interesting shapes you choose, the crystal effect on cards may attain perfection.

efekat kristalni efekat

When it comes to color printing, we most commonly use standard colors that, with their visual harmony and creativity, make a perfect design. What’s more, implementing UV colors can bring the design to life using a bright color as well as highlight particular design elements. UV colors are a fantastic effect with modern and striking design and an amazing option for effective graphic solutions.

efekat uv boja

Visual protection is possible to implement into cards using the effect of Secured UV mark.

This type of UV mark is possible to implement onto cards in the form of any graphic element and the only way to make that element visible is to use UV light. Such effect can be used to check card validity or simply as an element that should not be visible to everyone looking at the card.

efekat zastitna uv oznaka

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