Cover za Cene za vitrine
Cover za Cene za vitrine

Price tag solution

dizajn cene za vitrine

Price tag solution design

PVC cards for printing price tags can be white, black or in color, depending on the printer. They are available in several dimensions and according to your needs they can be of smaller size (120 x 50 mm) or long black cards (150 x 50 mm). There are also white card for monochrome printing and for color printing that are the same size as credit cards, which is 86 x 54 mm. There are cards in various colors as well or cards like a board you can write on printed in one color i.e. in black, blue, white, red and green color.

materijal cena za vitrine

Price tag solution materials

Price tags for showcases are printed on special non-toxic and bacteriologically safe PVC cards especially for the reason that they are placed very near food. These blank cards are made of good quality material, they are durable and easily washable and as such, they are convenient for the use in the direct contact with food. Their flat surface ensures a precise printing, clear color imprint and well-defined barcodes.

Production and printing

PVC price tags can be white or black. In case cards are white, printing will be black to achieve contrast and good visibility while printing will be white in cases when cards are black for the same reason. Some printers have the option for ‘’chalk’’ style print that makes these cards even more authentic and a much more attractive solution.

Price tag holders

Specially designed plastic card holders make price tags easily noticed and available. Holders we offer have been designed in such a way that they can be placed in showcases, hung on shelves and baskets, put into dishes and similar. Material they are made of is safe for contact with food and resistant to moisture, so they are convenient for keeping it in dishes together with food...

Blank price tags

Blank price tags are the cards that may be used in all card printers. They are PVC cards with the imprint of high quality. They give you flexibility because the data on them are created on the spot as and how you need them…

Price tag printers

Price tag printers are special type of printers that, together with price tag holders, make an end-to-end and effective solution for single sided printing of price tags. These printers are easy to use, have the same features as a standard office printer and, due to its practical dimensions, they are very convenient to use...

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