Membership cards

What are membership cards?

The purpose of Membership cards is to mark belonging, that is membership in some association and they are means used for identification of members. They are also one of the ways to show members how important they are to an association or a club and, by doing so, to stimulate their loyalty and attachment to the group.

Why plastic membership cards?

Easier identification of members

Builds up trust and the sense of belonging

Possibility to implement a chip or magnetic stripe

PVC membership cards with their remarkable design and implemented logo or the slogan of association create stronger bond between members and attachment to the association itself. You can encourage and reward their loyalty with various programs available only after becoming members.

How important are membership cards in business?

Membership cards are personalized PVC cards with a photo and basic data about the members or holder of card and, apart from providing easy identification of members, they also enable a simple access control into objects while they also offer some additional possibilities for their loyal members. Depending on the purpose of their use, membership cards can also function as loyalty or bonus cards. Being a holder of membership card expresses social status making members proud to have it and stimulating the promotion of the company and its activities.

Where are membership cards used?

These cards are convenient for gyms, dancing clubs, fitness centers, sport clubs and various associations such as beekeepers association and anglers associations, motoring associations, veterinarians association or medical chamber as well as any other types of associations.

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