How are blank cards used?

Blank cards are cards that any card printers can use. They are PVC cards providing high quality printing. They also give high flexibility since data are printed on blank cards at the spot and depending on the needs of your business. Besides standard white color, blank cards can also be any other color and they can contain contact chip, contactless chip or magnetic stripe with data necessary for identification.

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Benefits of using blank cards

Various opportunities of modern business demand quick decisions and lasting solutions. In practice, it turns out that sometimes it is the easiest way to develop such solutions within the company itself. You save time and resources with the use of these cards. If you need to have ID card for a new employee or membership card for new customers, this is a perfect solution for your. These cards are a flexible solution and convenient for any type of business.

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Types of blank cards

Besides the possibility to choose the color of blank cards, you can opt for cards with contact or contactless chip, magnetic stripe or without it and all that depending only on the needs you have for your business.

Material for blank cards

Blank cards are PVC cards of standard dimensions such as bankcards. Depending on whether they have a chip or not, the thickness of blank cards may vary.

Matte cards

Glossy cards

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