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Hospitality industry has never had a tougher task than nowadays. Never-ending improvement of customer experience, adjusting to markets, keeping competitive prices, raising the quality of services to higher level are just some of strategies to keep existing in the market, have the best use of your capacity and being chosen among numerous offers found in the market.

We know how to make you different from others. Besides hotel key cards and price tag solution, we also offer you RFID wristbands that you can use for various contents and printers of ID cards for your employees or members.

Hotel key cards

Hotel key cards

Most commonly, they are the first branded item guests see and touch when they arrive at your hotel. Hotel key cards make the process of check-in and checkout of guests at the hotel reception easier and faster. They enable a simple and safe access control at the reception when guests arrive and depart...

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Card holders

Packaging of gift cards customers get should be practical and beautiful. They are a present, so they should look like it. Card holders should be designed effectively in order to present your company’s brand in the best possible way...

ID card printers

These printers are typically of smaller dimensions but high durability, portable and convenient to use in various places and situations. They meet the need for printing and personalization of ID cards on daily basis and they are practical for printing RFID cards as well...

Stampaci ID kartica
rfid narukvica
rfid nalepnica

RFID devices

RFID is the system of sending and receiving data using RFID plates i.e. transmitter. RFID plate is a tiny object that you can stick or implement in any product you want. RFID plates contain antenna that enables receiving and sending radio waves from RFID transceiver...

Price tag solution

PVC cards for printing price tags can be black, white or in color depending on the printer. They are available in several dimensions and according to your needs, they can be of smaller dimensions or long black cards…

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