It is not an easy task to be a step ahead of competition and that is why the key strategy should be to get new customers to choose you among all the options available. There are many ways to improve your retail business. Besides loyalty program, which generates all relevant data about purchase behavior of your customers together with loyalty cards as an integral part of this system, gift, family and hotel cards are another way to make customers, guests, or users choose you. Our solutions are comprehensive and meaningful.

My Spotlight

Inovativan pristup

Cards Print izrada kartica radi na unapređenju i boljoj optimizaciji Vašeg poslovanja.

Kvalitetan proizvod

Primenjujemo najviše standarde kvaliteta pri izradi svih vrsta kartica.

Integracija sistema

Uspešno integrišemo sisteme koji doprinose razvoju Vaše kompanije.

Softverska rešenja

Razvijamo najsavremenije softvere za automatizaciju Vašeg poslovanja.

My Spotlight

My spotlight is a loyalty program that can be modified to fit any individual business owing to its specially developed software. The future lies in loyalty program that will enable versatility in offering solutions and focusing on customers by understanding their needs and finally rewarding them...

Gift cards

You are familiar with the scenario when a customer enters your shop, browses around, asks a few questions yet leaves the shop buying nothing. This situation is the one you certainly want to avoid. Gift cards are an excellent solution for this scenario since the possibility to choose is always the best choice...

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are used to reward your loyal customers giving additional value to the relationship between you and your customer or client. It symbolizes the sense of belonging and makes the trust in your brand even stronger.

Loyalty cards give you a chance to reward your loyal customers with special benefits, which most usually are special discounts...

Loyalty application forms

Loyalty application form is the initial step in a complex system of loyalty program. Their purpose is to collect data about users and have the role to provide information – terms and conditions of loyalty programs are usually printed on them and may vary from brand to brand...

Card holders

Packaging of gift cards customers get should be practical and beautiful. They are a present, so they should look like it. Card holders should be designed effectively in order to present your company’s brand in the best possible way. We develop a practical solution for loyalty and gift cards packaging following your design...

Family cards

Customers’ loyalty can be encouraged in many ways but what makes them additionally attached to you is the feeling that you know them well and you care about them. Family loyalty cards are the solution that can be one of the indicators of that.
These cards consist of smaller cards attached in one unit, and what you get at the same time and with one solution is customers that are more regular...

Barcode labels

Identification of customers in database is simple and easy with a unique barcode that customers get on their cards. Based on that number, we recognize clients in our databases and pair such data with their user’s account.

Barcode labels are the solution that simplifies and makes the process of subscription to one of loyalty programs easier...

Gift card displays

Gift card displays are one of the aspects to make the solution for gift program more complete and more practical. The role of these displays is, above all, to reduce the number of missed purchases at your points of sale. You have probably found yourself in a situation when prospective customers come to your shop,...

Decorative satin ribbons with logo

Each detail is important when creating the image of your company. That is exactly the reason why satin ribbons with logo can be one of details to complete the image of your company and the business you do and they can build a stronger connection with clients and customers, too. They convey the message about the uniqueness of your brand and make you different from your competition...

Cards with gold plates

A gift card with a gold plate is actually a card with the embedded plate of pure gold (purity and other features) making it a gift of an inestimable value. You alone can choose the weight and create the design and shape of the embedded plate. This gift is an exceptional one...

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