What are embossers?

Devices for personalization of cards i.e. embossing cards are called embossers. Embossers work in two modes – embossing and indenting i.e. indenting numbers or raised 3D texture effect called embossing.
More and more advanced personalization processes resulted in development of great embosser, so certain series of these devices support several methods of inserting data into plastic cards – magnetic stripe or contact chip.

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Advantages of using embossers

Card embosser is most typically used in banks for personalization of debit and credit cards. However, there is a high demand for personalization of plastic cards in public institutions and retail shops for printing loyalty cards, bonus cards or gift cards as well. Insurance companies also need personalized PVC cards just as do hotels, chains of shops, private clinics, pharmacies, beauty places. The increasing demand for personalized plastic cards is all around us.

Which embossers do we offer?

Depending on the nature of your business, you can choose between embosser e2000, combi c1000, Maxima series or CAM 3030.

Embosser 2000

CIM E2000 embosser is a double plastic module for imprint. It combines heavy-duty performance with easy integration in any working environment. This embosser combines top performances and easily fits in any working environment. Two drums with the total of 210 characters capacity and MSP (Multi Smart Processing) result in high productivity rates of this embosser model…

Combi 1000

Combi 1000 is an integrated solution for printing and embossing bank cards. In one-step only, this model combines double sided high resolution printing of 300 dpi, embossing and possibility for encoding data into magnetic stripe or smart chip. Special configuration for personalization of international credit cards such as VISA or Master card is also available as an extra option.

Maxima Series

Embossers in Maxima series represent a reliable solution for personalization of cards the use of which requires high security level. They are convenient for production of large and small series of bank cards. They are also easy to use and fit into any office. Due to its characteristics, they are extensively used in banks…

CAM 3030

CAM 3030 is an embosser that introduces innovative options. This embosser can be configured with various modules for data capturing such as barcode reader for the front and the back of cards as well as 100% vision inspection system to optically match and verify card data with a database and cross check of personalization data. CAM 3030 CAM 3030 is also available with a magnetic read back station as well as read back station for contact and contactless cards.

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