What is Maxima series?

Embossers of Maxima series represent a reliable solution for personalization of cards the use of which requires high level of protection. They are a more convenient solution for printing average and small series of cards. They are also simple to use and easily fit in any working environment. Due to its characteristics, they have extensive use in banks, insurance companies, public services offices, hotels, retail shops and many more… They are intended for embossing cards on both, front and rear side.

Advantages of Maxima series embossers

Among many advantages, these embossers have the possibility to encode magnetic stripe, contact and contactless chips that you can modify to meet your needs. This embosser works with Windows 7 operating system and offers the choice between two letter fonts.

  • Embossing, indent

  • Specification of cards: CR80 – ISO standard

  • Material and card thickness: ABS, PVC and composite; 0.5 ± 0,08 mm

  • Input hopper 821/821T: manual – Single Access Point, 861: 200 cards

  • Output hopper: 100 cards

  • Embossing characters capacity: 60/80/105

  • Letters font: Standard Gothic, OCR7B

  • Embossing area: 12 lines x 31 characters (76 x 52)

  • Embossing speed: 1 card per 15 seconds (model 821), 1 card per 13.8 seconds (model 861)

  • Infill optional, available OCRB1/B4 or rear CW2-OCRA1


  • Magnetic stripe: 3 ISO 7811 stripes, LoCo, HiCo, JIS, regular VISA + VISA Mini Card
  • Smart chip: contact or contactless
  • Connectivity: RS232 serial port
  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7

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