Printers and printing equipment

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Which printing equipment do we offer?

We have adapted to the most versatile market needs. What we have also included in our offer, besides production of various types of cards, is printers intended for business that requires printing not only ID cards, membership cards or hotel key cards fast and on the spot but also cards for different purposes depending on the requirements of your business. Printing equipment enables quick digital printing of cards the moment you need them. Great flexibility that is the main feature of these printers enables personalization and optimization of the cards appearance meeting the needs and requirements of the business.

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The importance of printers and printing equipment

Opportunities in modern business require quick response – waiting is usually not an option. In such situations, having the right printer and the finished card your clients, customers or employees need very quickly greatly affects the quality of your business as well as your credibility and reliability. Simple and quick production of cards you need can be of crucial importance for your business. Having a plastic card printer means saving time and resources.

Types of machines for printing ID cards

The decision which printer to choose primarily depends on the type of cards you need. For instance, if the card you make needs protection from forgery, you will need the printer that can make such cards since these machines, besides a very specific type of personalization, also have the ability to encode data into contact and contactless chips.

If you want the cards that also have to be resistant and durable but require a high level of protection as well, Laminators are a perfect solution to meet all your needs. The foil that laminator wraps the card with is also a reliable hologram foil protection from forgery. Our team of experts is available to you all the time while you are considering a variety of options from our offer. Plastic card printers, embossers or laminators, printer toners they use, ribbons or blank cards for printing are only a part of our comprehensive solution for printing plastic cards that we offer.

ID card printers

These printers are typically of smaller dimensions but high durability, portable and convenient to use in various places and situations. They meet the need for printing and personalization of ID cards on daily basis and they are practical for printing RFID cards as well. Some types of these printers are modular and you can easily upgrade them with options such as lamination or card encoding.

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Laminators are a special kind of printers intended for applying a protective plastic foil on important documents quickly. The lamination process can increase durability of plastic cards up to 10 years. Film layer is most commonly polyester or polyvinyl chloride, known as PVC, protects paper from aggressive external factors and damages caused by regular use of cards.


Embosser is a printer that, under certain pressure and temperature, leaves a raised texture imprint. In the world of plastic cards, embossers are machines for personalization of plastic cards meaning that, besides raised texture printing, they can also offer many other options.  

Blank cards

Blank cards are the ones that all types of printers can use. They are PVC cards that provide a high quality imprint. They also enable great flexibility since the data can be inserted on the spot and depending on the needs of your business…

Card Presso

CardPresso is professional card designer software, an efficient and flexible solution for production of cards. Using this software, you can create the design of a card, encode it and finally print it. CardPresso is professional software for printing ID cards and very user-friendly...

Ribbons and films

Ribbons are a special type of foil used for thermal transfer printing of plastic cards. Ribbons working at high temperature leave precise imprint of high durability. Monochrome ribbon is foils for personalization of cards in one color while color ribbons combine four colors…

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