Wristbands for parties and events

Wristbands for parties and events we offer

What often happens in crowds is that visitors who did not pay entrance fee enter the event anyway together with regular visitors. Such visitors are very hard to identify without putting in a lot of effort to check each ticket separately, which may be very unpleasant and inconvenient for guest who stand and wait in that same queue even though they have paid for the entrance. We produce paper wristbands, the ones made of polyester and plastic as well as holographic wristbands. Whichever wristband you choose, you have no reason to worry about the quality of printing and durability of the material.

The importance of wristbands

Wristbands have become a very important detail at events or places gathering an enormous number of people. It is hard even to imagine concerts, festivals, spa centers, swimming pools or parties as well as sports events without wristbands. Wristbands for parties or plastic wristbands for festivals are a very practical replacement for typical pass tickets. They are visible at very first sight and at each moment help identifying each visitor who entered the event in a regular way. They leave enough space for branding and as such, they are an amazing advertisement and one of possible ways to get people even more attached to your product or brand.

The influence of brand values

The surface of wristbands can be also used for printing your logo, slogan or the event theme giving you the possibility to create an authentic wristband that will make you become incomparable to competition. Such wristbands look so attractive that many guests will wear them even after the event or keep it as a souvenir and that way continue promoting your brand. We know how crucial branding is, so that is why we design these unique passes and we do believe that beauty hides in details.

Design of wristbands for parties and events

Apart from using them as the means of identification, authentic event wristbands with their great visual effect contribute to the event branding. Printing method used for production of wristbands, whether it is screen printing or sublimation printing, results in lively and long lasting colors on wristbands highlighting the design, your logo or slogan. The design of wristbands can be yours or we can design them for you and create authentic wristbands for events that participants and visitors will want to keep forever.

Production of wristbands

All types of event wristbands – plastic, holographic, polyester i.e. satin or paper wristbands are made of durable materials; they are waterproof and comfortable to wear. You can easily adjust them to the size of wrist, they are also very convenient to wear even for a few days and very hard to counterfeit. You cannot remove them and then wear them again because of the safety buckle they have. All VIP event wristbands are possible to remove only by cutting them with scissors.

Paper wristbands

Paper wristbands are disposable wristbands of good quality, ideal as a replacement for entry tickets or passes while one of their purposes is also for identification of visitors or event hosts. They are flexible and easily adjusted to the size of wrist, convenient for both, men and women to wear them...

Polyester wristbands

Polyester is a strong material resistant to wear and tear. Wristbands made of polyester are flexible, durable and resistant wristbands of high quality used as entry tickets or passes as well as for identification of visitors or event hosts…

Plastic wristbands

Plastic wristbands are solid, strong and durable wristbands of great quality, a perfect replacement for entry tickets and passes used for identification of visitors and hosts of big events…

Holographic wristbands

Authentic holographic wristbands are the variation of modern flexible plastic wristbands in shinny colors. Sparkling effect and characteristic color refraction make holographic wristbands the detail that will add the touch of glamour to your event…

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