Card services

We are the company seeking the solution for improving businesses together with our clients. By doing so, we try to complete tools for improving retail industry business and much more than that.

We understand that saving time and other resources is an important factor for successful business and that is the reason why we strive to include anything you need for better, more efficient and simpler running of business in one product.
We have paired effective plastic cards with software loyalty and gift solutions and added loyalty application forms, barcode labels, holders and cards packaging as well as gift card displays. We have thought of everything. The idea of these accessories is primarily to simplify the process of giving cards, making them excel and finally branding. When all grouped together, these elements leave the impression of dynamic and creative company taking care of customers – the one they will always want to return to.

Card holders

Packaging of gift cards that customers get should be practical and beautiful. They are a present, so they should look like it. Card holders should be designed effectively in order to present your company’s brand in the best possible way. We develop a practical solution for card packaging for loyalty and gift cards following your design…

Loyalty pristupnica

Loyalty application form

Loyalty application forms are the initial step in the complex system of loyalty program. They are used for collecting basic data about customers but they also provide information – terms and conditions of loyalty program are usually printed on them and they vary from brand to brand. It is important to keep customers informed about what brand gives in return for trust and loyalty…

Barcode labels

The identification of customers in database is checked through the means of unique barcode that customers get with their cards. We recognize customers based on that number and pair data with them. Barcode labels are the solution that simplifies

Gift cards displays

Gift cards displays are one of the aspects to make gift program more complete and more practical. The role of these displays is to reduce the number of missed purchases at your points of sale. You have probably been in a situation when a buyer enters your shop, browses around and asks a few questions but in the end leaves the place without buying anything…

Personalization of cards

Personalization of cards is a type of finishing processes the last in the line used for inserting data into cards but it also has the role of additional protection. Personalization of cards makes each card unique and that way contributes to easier data analysis…

Personalization of XXL accreditations

Personalization of accreditation is a type of finishing processes used for inserting changeable data into accreditation. Whether it is a festival, concert, seminar or sports events, personalization enables making each accreditation unique with easily accessed data for identification…

Printers and printing equipment

The choice of printer depends primarily on what type of card you need. For example, if the card you need must have a protection against unauthorized copying, you will need the printer that protects cards from possible misuses because these machines, besides specific personalization modes, can also encode data into contact and contactless chips

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