Cover slika za Dešavanja
Cover slika za Dešavanja

Whether it is a concert or corporate event, we can help you improve the process of organizing any of them. We are specialized in identification of participants, effective branding and creative solutions. Simple and successful planning and organization of events with a style is easy with us. Besides accreditations, ID cards, RFID wristbands and all kinds of advertising lanyards, we also produce VIP cards for events.

XXL accreditations

XXL accreditations

Successful identification of participants in various business events and recognizing them is possible when using accreditations. This document is the one that participants most commonly wear around the neck. It should be easily spotted and provide certain valid and relevant data. Their main use is to make a clear distinction between participants and personnel or the host of the event...

XXL akreditacija sa trakicom

Advertising lanyards

For the promotion of your brand, we produce lanyards with various extenders. Besides lanyards, we also produce decorative ribbons, one-color lanyards and key rings. The material we use can be either in the color of your visual identity or with your logo or the slogan of your brand printed on it...

RFID wristbands

RFID medium is of small dimensions and convenient for implementing it in various objects. When implemented in a wristband, you get an RFID wristband that enables identification and efficient access control and it is very hard to counterfeit them...

RFID narukvia plava

VIP cards for events

A special kind of cards with perfect design and flawless finishing – VIP cards are intended for your most important guests or visitors, clients you want to leave a special impression on. If someone is a Very Important Person, then they should feel like it...

vip casino plastic card

Wristband for parties and events

We produce various types of wristbands in the colors of your brand and in the series as large in number as you need them in record time.
Organization and planning of an event that a huge number of people participate in is always a big challenge – the higher the number of participants, the bigger responsibility for the host is to make it all go smoothly…

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