What are personal ID cards?

ID cards are personalized plastic cards with personal data of their holders printed on them – name, last name, position or department they work in when we talk about employee’s card. You can also place a photo, unique serial number, signature and other relevant data about the holder of the card. ID card strengthens communication between employees and affirms credibility from any point of view. It gives companies serious and professional look.

Why ID cards for employees

Strengthening corporative image

Better organization

Excellent communication

Good organization

ID cards represent an integral part of the business world. They meet more and more frequent need for identification. ID cards guarantee logistic and physical access control to the company, buildings as well as gatherings, events, meetings and other corporate events where identification is vital. They are increasingly becoming an integral part of tracking working hours.


Using ID cards results in transparency that makes the business within teams and companies easier and having a positive effect on productivity and efficiency of employees.

Strengthening the sense of belonging to the team

ID cards are intended for employees to carry them in working environment. The role of ID card is manifold – it makes the sense of belonging to the team stronger by intensifying the awareness of employees and that way contributes to better organization, which is the key element of successful business.

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