VIP cards for events

What are VIP cards?

A special kind of cards with perfect design and flawless finishing – VIP cards are intended for your most important guests or visitors, clients you want to leave a special impression on. If someone is a Very Important Person, then they should feel like it.

Using VIP cards at events

These cards are convenient to use at any type of events – festivals, fairs, conferences and other corporate events when it really means to you to give special importance to people and enable them either to use some special contents or to have special seats or separate entrance. VIP cards give additional value to your event. Apart from making guests feel special, which they will be proud of, they can also have crucial role in identification not allowing the other guests to enter the area intended for VIP guests only.


Complex music events with numerous visitors require a special, planned in advance organization and special treatment for VIP guests. VIP cards help you greatly to spare your VIP guests from any inconvenience and provide them with the treatment they deserve.


Business meetings that gather higher number of people need to be specially planned and organized. It often happens that some people try to take advantage of such events and present themselves as VIP guests with the intention to enjoy all the benefits you prepared for VIP visitors. VIP cards will help you to prevent situations like this.

Corporate events

Misuses and confusion at events like this are very common and that is why VIP cards are a perfect solution for preventing and avoiding such attempts.

When events with great number of people are organized, it is hard to control the entrance of people not meant to enjoy benefits intended for VIP guests only. VIP cards for planning the event will make it easier to take control over such situation and consequently reduce unplanned costs while the whole event will go smoothly and the way you planned it.

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Advantages of VIP cards

Compared to paper cards, VIP cards can have integrated chip and that way be used for more than just an access card. It is possible to deposit some money on them and they allow you access to some free items as well. Plastic VIP cards have enough space for implementation of technologies – a magnetic stripe or a chip. That way the possibilities are numerous depending on your needs and desires.

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Production of VIP cards

If you have any doubts what your VIP cards should look like, you can rely on our team of experts specialized particularly in design of various types of cards. We can also produce cards following your design idea. Whatever decision you make, we assure you that you will get a unique, modern and different in look and feel card everyone will notice.

Different types of printing

Printing VIP cards is a process that turns cards into luxury and authentic VIP cards that will make their holders feel special and important to such extent that they will surely save them even after the event. Using modern technologies, combination of effects and the finest finishing touch layer, we will produce VIP card as and exceptional visual item giving a special stamp to your event. Whether they are VIP cards for events or concert cards, your plastic VIP card will make you completely different compared to anyone else.

All types of VIP cards

VIP cards can be VIP cards with a chip, contactless, RFID cards or cards with magnetic stripe. They can also be the cards without a chip depending on your need for it. Such cards can be personalized – cards with a name and last name or any other relevant data. They can also be standard VIP cards or custom shape VIP cards.

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