ID card printers

What are ID card printers?

These printers are typically of smaller dimensions but high durability, portable and convenient to use in various places and situations. They meet the need for printing and personalization of ID cards on daily basis and they are practical for printing RFID cards as well. Some types of these printers are modular and you can easily upgrade them with modules such as lamination or card encoding. Printing is of high resolution, precise and of unchanged quality. You can use PVC, ABS, PET or polycarbonate cards for printing on these printers. If you need a printer with an additional protection from forgery, there are such types of ID card printers within the range of this type of product.

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Advantages of using plastic card printers

High-resolution printing and option for upgrading i.e. module for lamination, automatic double sided printing or inserting data into a chip or magnetic stripe are just some of them while you can also find various models among the ones we offer intended for production of cards requiring additional protection against forgery.

Plastic card printers enable fast, efficient and simple printing of plastic cards the very moment you need them. Our printers are flexible solution adjustable to your type of business.

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The importance of plastic card printers

These printers enable fast, efficient and simple printing of plastic cards the very moment you need them. Whether it is for the needs of fitness center, issuing loyalty cards or ID cards for employees, our printers are the solution that easily adjusts to any requirements of your business. Fast, reliable, user-friendly and compact as they are, these printers will meet all the needs of even the most complex businesses.

Wide selection of card printers

Besides high-resolution printing, this printer has the option for upgrade i.e. lamination module as well as automatic double sided printing or inserting data on a chip or magnetic stripe. Among wide selection of models in our offer, you can find those in the category of printers convenient for printing cards with additional protection from forgery.


This printer has been designed for durability at work in unfavorable conditions such as dust and high temperature. With the technology Avansia uses, it is possible to print cards edge-to-edge also known as “full bleed” printing meaning there are no white lines at card edges. The result is a great quality and high-resolution printing – 600 dpi resolution while even microprint is perfectly visible…

Primacy 2

Primacy is a reliable and extremely fast printer combining high performances with simple use. It is flexible and convenient for printing average and high number of all types of cards. Printing is of high-resolution, precise and great quality – 300 dpi resolution…

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Zenius is a printer designed for simple and wide use. It is of specific dimensions and easily fits into any working environment. Owing to its high-resolution printing, with Zenius you will get professional results – printing photos and data on cards is clear, precise and good quality…

Badgy 200

Badgy200 is a comprehensive solution for simple, good quality and highly professional color cards production. It easily fits into any working environment because it is light and of small dimension, the reason why it is also easily portable and convenient to use for work outside office and at various events…

XID 8300

One of the most popular models of transfer printers with the option for upgrading with lamination module and top performances for the best quality printing, this printer meets all the needs for printing and personalization of ID cards on daily basis.

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Rio Pro

Rio Pro printer is a professional solution for printing high quality cards. Designed for extensive use and having a high hopper capacity, this model prints large series very fast. Within HoloKote and HoloFlex personalization options, it is also possible to print your logo or security design instead of standard one…
Designed for extensive use, this model prints large series of cards very fast because of the capacity of its hopper.


Reliable and practical solution for simple printing of identification cards, this printer is of small dimensions, durable and convenient for carrying and using it in different places. The option to rewrite cards, up to 500 erasing – reprinting of the same cards…

Price tag printers

and Name tag solutions

Edikio Access

Edikio Access is a comprehensive and efficient solution for single sided printing of price tags. It is simple to use, works the same way as any standard office printer and due to its small dimensions, it is convenient to use it at the point of sale or wherever you want…

Edikio Flex

Edikio Flex is a flexible printer that enables creating and printing prices on standard or large size of cards. With a larger writing area, on a larger size of card, this printer is a perfect solution for clear and precise display of all the information about products – prices, codes, allergen, ingredients, the origin of product and much other information…

Edikio Duplex

Edikio Duplex is a printer designed for professional and good quality printing of plastic price tags. Due to its ability to print on both sides, it is a perfect solution for presenting all necessary information about products. The front side of card clearly shows data important to customers – prices, allergens, the origin of product, ingredients, etc…

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