What is Avansia?

This printer has been designed for durability at work in unfavorable conditions such as dust and high temperature. With the technology Avansia uses, it is possible to print cards edge-to-edge also known as “full bleed” printing meaning there are no white lines at card edges. The result is a great quality and high-resolution printing – 600 dpi resolution while even microprint is perfectly visible.

The advantages of Avansia printer

A powerful and durable printer that works on the principles of thermal transfer printing at the speed of 144 cards per hour or 96 for double-sided printing makes this printer highly efficient. It also has the possibility for UV printing of various elements such as a text or a symbol for an additional security of cards. Avansia Premium printer also has the possibility for printing micro text as well as the ability to print PVC, ABS, PET and polycarbonate cards. Furthermore, it has an option for upgrading it with modules for encoding data into magnetic stripe, RFID chip or smart chip. It contains a security chip that disables its use when removed from the printer thus preventing and misuse of the printer.

Evolis Avansia retransfer duplex card printer

  • Double sided printing of high quality

  • Printing speed: 144 single side color printed cards per hour or 96 double side color printed cards per hour

  • The possibility of UV printing of elements (text, symbols, etc.) for additional security of cards

  • The possibility to print micro text on cards

  • Supported card materials: PVC, ABS, PET and polycarbonate (including contact and contactless cards)

  • The possibility to upgrade with the module for data encoding into magnetic stripe, RFID chip, smart chip

  • Input hopper: 250 cards

  • Output hopper: 250 cards

  • Connectivity: USB and Ethernet connectivity

  • Additional security: RFID electronic key

  • Delivered with Cardpresso XXS software

Avansia – Driver download link  CLICK HERE

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