Gift card displays

Advantages of gift card displays

Gift card displays are one of the aspects to make the solution for gift program more complete and more practical. The role of these displays is, above all, to reduce the number of missed purchases at your points of sale. You have probably found yourself in a situation when prospective customers come to your shop, browse around and ask a few questions yet leave the place without buying anything. Their indecisiveness grows even more with inert shop assistants not engaging too much with customers who then leave the place completely uninformed about various possibilities your gift program offers and consequently spend money at your competition. 

This scenario is something you will certainly want to prevent and avoid.

The influence on branding and company’s image

The quality and success of business greatly depend on the way we launch our brand. Recognition and quality are not enough to turn a customer into a loyal customer. A beautiful effective card packed in an appropriate card holder and placed in the right spot triples the chance that hesitant customers will decide to get exactly such gift card.

Models of gift card displays

Various designs of card displays

Depending on the nature of your business, we can offer two types of card displays: a two-part display and a rotating display with two types of hooks. The rotating display provides the option to choose it's colors according to your preferences.

Production of gift card displays

The displays are designed to showcase the aesthetic value of the cards and holders, ensuring they don't go unnoticed at your point of sale.

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