Personalization of XXL accreditations

Personalization of accreditations is a type of finishing used for implementing changeable data into accreditation. Whether for the need of a festival, concert, seminar or sports events, personalization makes each accreditation unique with identification data easily accessed.

personalizacija xxl kartice
personalizacija xxl kartice
potaci na xxl kartici

Personalization of changeable data is a type of personalization imprinted on the card surface in the form of a text: name, last name, number and certain characters. This personalization technology is widely used with Accreditations, VIP cards, ID cards and Membership cards making cards unique.

One of usual types of personalization most commonly used with ID cards of employees is a personalization with a photo achieved by applying a high quality color personalization techniques on cards. This type of personalization contributes to identifying the holders of card more easily and reduces the risk of card forgery.

slika na xxl akreditaciji

Personalization of cards with a barcode is a very widely used type of personalization. We offer high-quality barcode printing using one of two different printing technologies: Imprint of changeable barcodes is done with black metallic ink or more often with one of the most popular barcode printing technologies, DOD printing. DOD printing technology represents the best quality barcode printing and by applying black ink on the card surface, we get durable barcodes resistant to fading. We make all types of barcodes, with visible and invisible numbers and some of the most typical barcodes are EAN13, Code 12 and Code 39. Besides barcodes,  we can personalize cards with QR codes.

Personalization of barcodes has a variety of uses and we most commonly use it with Family cards, Loyalty cards, Gift cards, VIP cards and  Casino cards. 

Barkod na xxl akreditaciji

Signature strip is another type of personalization when special printing technology leaves a field on cards where it is possible to write in ink. Using Signature strip technology, you prevent ink smear when you write a text or put signature on cards. Signature strip field can be white while clients most frequently opt for transparent one.
The most common use of signature strip is with Blank cards and Membership cards.

potpisna traka na xxl akreditaciji potpis na xxl akreditaciji

Scratch off personalization is a field imprinted on card surface protecting previously printed information on the card itself. That way data security is at higher level and there is little doubt card has already been used in cases when it contains security code below scratch off panel. We offer several different textures and dimensions of Scratch off fields printing.

Greb greb personalizacija Scratch off - Greb greb

Instructions for personalization of accreditations

If you have a need for an order of personalized accreditations but you have not worked with creating databases so far, you have no reason to worry about it. We have developed instructions that can help you easily understand how databases work and how they are created.

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