Advertising lanyards

Advertising lanyards we offer

For the promotion of your brand, we produce lanyards with various extenders. Besides lanyards, we also produce decorative ribbons, one-color lanyards and key rings. The material we use can be either in the color of your visual identity or with your logo or the slogan of your brand printed on it.

The primary use of lanyards is to hold accreditations, ID cards, mobile phones, USB memory sticks or keys. Lanyards are marking items used at conferences, fairs, festivals, sports events or any other events. Bearing in mind the rule that each employee who has the contact with clients has to have clear and transparent means of identification, printed lanyards are definitely the right choice for you.

The importance of lanyards in the promotion of your brand

Good communication and organization show that you are a reliable and trustworthy partner. Show your clients that you appreciate their trust in the right way. Appropriate marketing material can be a real sign of affection helping you to tell clients how important they are to you and what’s more, lanyards strengthen the values of your brand.

The influence on the brand value

Whether they are lanyards, decorative ribbons or key rings with printed logo or slogan of your company, they will remind client of the cooperation with you and make plenty of space for new people and new businesses.
Printed advertising lanyards have become a very popular product worldwide.

Lanyards design 

The design of lanyards can be yours or you can leave it to our team of experts who will make an attractive advertising lanyard that, besides its practical and usage value, will also have an authentic printing that matches the style of your brand decorating them. Lanyards like these speak the language of business people whose credibility and business ethics are unquestionable.

What types of advertising lanyards are there?

What you will find in our offer is lanyards, decorative ribbons, stripe key rings, key rings or single color lanyards. The variety of advertising lanyards we can produce for you is huge.

Production of lanyards

We have been producing lanyards for ages. Printing on lanyards is of high quality regarding duration of colors and sharpness of imprint. We produce lanyards from durable materials with the possibility of single sided or double sided printing. Standard length of lanyard is 930 mm before sewing and we can make them longer or shorter upon the client’s request. You choose the lanyard width between 10, 15, 20 or 25 mm. The choice of material between satin, decorative satin, rips and reflective rips for production of lanyards is also yours.
All lanyards can have a different extender. Carabiner clip can be a standard or wider one, then ring or GSM accessory, yo-yo and PVC extension are just some of the options. We can also produce lanyards with safety clip extender if that is one of the requirements of your business. Safety clip is a perfect solution for employees working on machines and with the risk of the machine pulling the lanyard during the working process. That is also another way to lower such risk and prevent possible accidents.

Material for lanyards

Lanyards for ID cards and accreditations

Lanyards have become an extremely popular product worldwide. Their primary use is to hold accreditations, ID card, mobile phones, usb memory sticks or keys. Advertising lanyards are marks used at conferences, fairs, festivals, sports events and other events. Bearing in mind the rule that each employee who has the contact with clients has to have clear and transparent means of identification, printed lanyards are definitely the right choice for you...

Single color lanyards

Single color lanyards have a wide use and they are a good solution for one-day events, camps, schools, workshops or competitions where each team or group of participants can be marked with the lanyard in different color...

Decorative satin ribbons with logo

Each detail is important when creating the image of your company. That is exactly the reason why satin ribbons with logo can be one of details to complete the image of your company and the business you do and they can build a stronger connection with clients and customers, too...

Key rings

Key rings made of standard ripstop fabric, reflective ripstop or satin, are a perfect promotional gift with a variety of uses. Whether you have them on your car key ring, office or apartment key ring, they are certainly used on daily basis. With the logo of your company printed, these key rings will always remind clients of your company making your marketing campaign ever-present...

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