Lanyards for ID cards and accreditations

What are lanyards for ID cards and accreditations we offer?

Lanyards have become an extremely popular product worldwide. Their primary use is to hold accreditations, ID card, mobile phones, usb memory sticks or keys. Advertising lanyards are marks used at conferences, fairs, festivals, sports events and other events. Bearing in mind the rule that each employee who has the contact with clients has to have clear and transparent means of identification, printed lanyards are definitely the right choice for you.

The importance of lanyards

Practical use

Clear identification

Excellent advertising material

A modern man needs fast, transparent and available information. At the places gathering many people, it is of an utmost importance to distinguish the people who can provide the accurate information clearly. Lanyards are a perfect solution in situations like this one because at first sight they make a clear distinction of those wearing them. That is the reason why many companies recognize lanyards as perfect means that contributes to having a more efficient organization and running their business better.

Benefits of wearing lanyards for identification

Employees can hang their ID cards on lanyards and it makes the identification far easier and reduces the time needed for keeping the record about them. Besides that, clients know exactly who to address. Because of their distinctive colors, logo or brand, lanyards together with accreditations are inevitable detail when you plan big events, concerts or sports events and they themselves are means of identification.

Practical use of lanyards for ID cards and accreditations

Except their use for the purpose of identification, the practical side of lanyards is also worth mentioning. They are most commonly used to hang ID cards, accreditations or passes on them. With special extenders, you can also hang keys, mobile phone, USB memory stick or a torch on them.

The influence of lanyards for ID cards and accreditations on brand

A long flat lanyard leaves a lot of space for branding, so there is a whole world of possibilities to express creativity. Your logo or slogan printed on lanyard becomes a perfect advertising material and an excellent gift that will make your clients and employees glad to get them.

Design of lanyards 

You can let us create the design of lanyards and we will apply all your ideas and wishes in production of them. Besides branded and specially designed lanyards, you can also choose plain lanyards or single-color ones.

Satin and ripstop

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