Luggage tags

What are luggage tags we offer?

Plastic cards for labeling luggage – luggage tags are a perfect solution for identification of suitcases but an effective advertising material as well. It often happens that bags and suitcase are mistakenly taken or lost. In order to avoid such inconvenient situations, passengers see the solution in luggage tags, badges and labels. Luggage tags have proved to be the best solution for labeling baggage. These cards are made as a two-part card with enough space to write personal data of the owner as well as for slogan of the agency or logo of the company giving such cards.

We offer two types of luggage tags

Cards with a window

Cards without a window

The importance of luggage tags

Besides information about the owner of suitcase or bag, another thing luggage tags are also supposed to have printed on them is a logo or a slogan of a flight company, travel agency or company giving such cards. The possibility for branding and practical side of this card together make a perfect combination of beautiful and practical making it an ideal gift that is a great advertising material at the same time.

This card will always be travelling companion of your clients, customers or business partners and they will reach the people in the parts of the world you could not even imagine.

Wherever you or your clients travel, your logo will be there with you to remind of strong brand constantly – the brand getting all the attention it deserves. It opens space for new people and new business ventures while your clients will always know you care about them.

Production of luggage tags

What we also produce is luggage tags – cards for labeling rucksacks, bags and suitcases made of the best quality plastic and that is why our cards are resistant to wear and tear. You simply attach them to luggage using silicone stripe and it is almost impossible to damage it during transport. Our machines for production support the most complex design solutions. Besides the quality and durability, we also focus on attractive look of our cards.

Everyone will notice a card we make and that is exactly what we want to achieve.

Luggage tag design

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