Hotel key cards

What are hotel key cards?

Most commonly, they are the first branded item guests see and touch when they arrive at your hotel. Hotel key cards make the process of check-in and checkout of guests at the hotel reception easier and faster. They enable a simple and safe access control at the reception when guests arrive and depart.

Types of plastic hotel key cards

Parking cards

VIP cards

Key cards for hotel rooms

Cards with magnetic stripes

RFID contactless cards

Where are hotel key cards used?

If you use cards for hotel rooms, we can print them for you. If you have a printer for hotel cards, you can buy blank hotel cards or cards with basic design from us that you can later additionally print on or personalize.

Apart from other benefits, you can control the entrance into hotel parking space intended for guests only when you use parking cards and that way prevent unauthorized use of parking space for those who are not the guests of the hotel. This way, only the guests of the hotel can enter and leave the parking space using hotel card, which prevents chaotic and messy situations. What’s more, you can also restrict the access to parking space for personnel or a third party, as an additional safety measure for cars of your guests parked there.

One more thing you can offer to your loyal guests who always return to you is  VIP cards giving them additional benefit with the idea to reward their loyalty and to encourage them to come back to you again. This card allows them the access to special contents intended for VIP guests only. On top of that, a more comfortable room with a more beautiful view can be reserved for VIP guests exclusively i.e. guests who have VIP hotel cards. Except VIP hotel cards, you can also make cards for towels which turned out to be great in practice. When using this card, it is almost impossible for hotel towels to disappear. On the other hand, clean towels will always be available for guests, which is so important to them especially in hotels on the beach or those having the swimming pool as one of their facilities.

Hotel cards design is very important. If key card is a product with top design, striking effects and innovative technology, it will make the authenticity of your brand even stronger and represent a unique marketing material accompanying guests from the first day of their stay until the moment they leave your premises. It is a common thing to see in photos taken and published by one of your guests because satisfied guests easily identify with the brands that satisfy their expectations. The power of key card is enormous – a potential not to be neglected.

Benefits from using hotel key cards

Simple check-in and checkout, quick and easy access to various contents within hotels, reliable and safe access and low cost of making new keys in cases when they are damaged or lost are just some of the advantages the use of key cards offers.

Marketing potential of these cards is another aspect we should not neglect and forget.
Hotel key card is the only thing your guests will have with them all the time they stay in the hotel.

Design of plastic key cards

Our machines for production of cards can follow the most complex design. Design can be yours or you can let our team create it.

Depending on client’s needs, various technologies can be implemented into plastic cards. No matter if it is a contact card, contactless card or the one with magnetic stripe, all of them have one thing in common – fast and practical use and data protection.

• Contact chip, 

• Contactless chip,

• Magnetic stripe.

In order to make the solution complete, we have added card holders to the range of products we offer.

With their unique designing and branding, they can follow and present the image of your company and convey the message of their value to customers.

Why card holders?

• a practical solution for card packaging

• point out attractive look of casino card

• convey the image of your company

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