Lanyards for identification of employees

What are lanyards for identification of employees?

Lanyards for identification of employees are straps that hold accreditation or ID card.
Lanyards can have a yo-yo extender sewn to the strap and used to hold ID cards or accreditations or with any other extender to attach ID card to it.

Benefits of using lanyards for identification of employees

Lanyards are a solution that enables using ID cards with great flexibility. Strap does not damage clothes and keeps cards close. These easily noticed and transparent card holders are worn around the neck so, besides promoting your brand, they make reading of your employees’ cards easy.

Practical use of lanyards for identification of employees

There is a variety of ways to use lanyards. With one of special extenders, they can hold accreditations, mobile phones, USB memory sticks or keys. However, the most common use of them is to hold ID cards of employees. Lanyards are marks used at conferences, fairs, festivals, sports and other events and in case they have a yo-yo extender, their use is far more practical and flexible.

How is yo-yo holder on lanyards used?

Yo-yo holder is a flexible extender for lanyards that can be in colors of your brand while it can also have a printed logo of your company. When lanyards have a yo-yo extender, you get lanyards of greater flexibility to hang an ID card or accreditation on them. It is particularly useful when ID card of your employee has an RFID chip and serves as a means of access control to certain rooms or tracking working hours – it means that the employee simply swipes own ID card to the device reading cards.

Use of card holder with yo-yo extender

The use of card holders with yo-yo extender not only simplifies the process of identification and reduces the time needed for keeping the record on employees but also helps clients know at any moment who exactly to address. You can entrust us with the task of creating the design of lanyards with yo-yo holders and we will fulfill any request and desire you may have. Besides branded and specially designed lanyards, you can also choose simple, single color models.

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