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What are cards for a present or gift cards?

You are familiar with the scenario when a customer enters your shop, browses around, asks a few questions yet leaves the shop buying nothing. This situation is the one you certainly want to avoid. Gift cards are an excellent solution for this scenario since the possibility to choose is always the best choice.
Gift cards are a perfect solution in situations like this since the possibility to choose is always the best choice.
You set the gift card value allowing this gift even greater flexibility besides the possibility for buyers to choose what suits them best and the time when they will complete the purchase.
You issue cards that can be used in your points of sale only and it guarantees long-standing customers.

Gift cards and loyalty programs

Establishing and maintaining trust of customers has always been a great challenge for sale business. In order to have a constant growth and get better sale results, it is necessary to be active towards all customer groups. With loyalty cards, you will not only reduce the number of customers who leave but also get new ones.

Gift cards for small and medium enterprises

Gift cards for local businesses

Custom gift cards

Gift kartice su podjednako pogodne i za velike brendove i za mala preduzeća. Kartica za poklone generiše prihod unapred, što znači da sredstva možete koristiti unapred. Ona podstiče kupovinu, jer više od polovine donosilaca poklon kartice potrošiće više od njene vrednosti. Poklon kartice za mala preduzeća su odlično rešenje kada su u pitanju novogodišnji ili pokloni za 8.mart.

Gift kartica je poklon, zato kao poklon treba i da izgleda. Mi ćemo, koristeći savremene tehnike završne obrade od nje će napraviti atraktivnu karticu koja će podići svest o brendu.

Which industries have most benefits from gift cards?




Jewelry stores

Retail shops



Spa centri

Spa centers

Prodavnice tehnike

Home appliances stores

... and many others

Any occasion gift cards

Poklon kartica Nova godina
Rodjendan poklon kartica
Dan zaljubljenih poklon kartica
Rodjendan poklon kartica

Embossed metallic foil

This extremely attractive effect is achieved by applying embossed glossy spot UV onto which the foil in the desired color is applied under pressure and high temperature. We have nine different foils and each of them is produced using the same technique.

Metallic foils

Foils are another detail contributing to the visual effect of cards.
With modern-technology machines in our industry, we can add a new aesthetic dimension to cards that can be of the same level layer as card surface or raised texture felt when the cards surface is touched.

Matte lamination

Lamination is an additional, protective layer saving cards from wear and tear, keeping duration of printed parts and reviving colors. Except this practical feature, lamination also contributes to aesthetics since various types of lamination give cards a more effective look.

Lamination = Texture

Lamination is used to protect cards from wear and tear and makes them more durable. The result is a card with the finishing touch effect that can be glossy, fine matte or rough matte or as a combination of these layers on the front and the back of cards.

We can place cards in branded gift card holders or gift boxes that give a totally new perception of you with your customers and at the same time tell them you are devoted and care about them.

Frequently asked questions

Which industries benefit most from gift cards?

Retail shops, bookstores, jewelry stores, perfumeries, pharmacies, home appliances stores, furniture stores are just some of industries that can grow their business by introducing gift cards.

How to choose the best gift cards supplier?

A reliable partner delivering cards on time will save many resources and, the most importantly, will not leave your customers without gift cards. Besides the unquestionable and constant quality, card production together with packaging and personalization is one thing you have no reason to worry about. A reliable supplier should not fail to deliver gift cards as a final product regardless of the size of the order that is the number of ordered cards.

In order to make the solution complete, we have added card holders to the range of products we offer.

With their unique designing and branding, they can follow and present the image of your company and convey the message of their value to customers.

Why card holders?

• a practical solution for card packaging

• point out attractive look of casino card

• convey the image of your company

Gift card displays are one of the aspects to make the solution for gift program more complete and more practical.

They are used to reduce the number of missed purchases in your stores.

Loyalty gift card displays will help you do the following:

• place your gift and loyalty cards to make them most visible

• increase and secure profit

• increase the number of completed purchases

turn indecisive customers into loyal ones

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