Cover slika ID zaposlenih
Cover slika ID zaposlenih

Identification of employees

Identification of employees is the base of each reputable company. Using ID cards contributes to transparency that simplifies functioning within the team or the company having a positive effect on productivity of employees and their efficiency in general. The role of ID cards is manifold. It makes the sense of belonging to the team stronger and raises team awareness with employees. We will deliver to you a complete process of identification in record time and in the style of you brand with our ID cards, card holders, lanyards and ID card printers.

Lanyards for identification of employees

Lanyards for identification of employees

Lanyards with a yo-yo extender are lanyards most commonly used for attaching accreditation or ID cards on them.
Lanyards can have a yo-yo extender sewn to lanyard itself turning them into a holder of your ID card or accreditation…

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ID card holders and plastic cases

In order to avoid ordering and printing new ID cards, you should protect them from wear and tear as well as losing them. The best way to do it is to place ID cards in card holders. ID card accessories include various card holders such as card cases, pegs or yo-yo extenders…

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ID cards

ID cards are personalized plastic cards containing basic data about its holder – name and last name, position or department in case of ID cards of employees. You can also place a photo on them, unique serial number, the signature of the holder and other relevant information…

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ID card printers

As a rule, ID card printers are of small dimensions and great durability, portable and suitable to use them at any place. They meet the need for daily printing and personalization of ID cards and they are very convenient for printing RFID cards as well…

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