Holders and plastic cases for ID cards

What are ID accessories?

In order to avoid ordering and printing new ID cards, you should protect them from wear and tear as well as losing them. The best way to do it is to place ID cards in card holders. ID card accessories include various card holders such as card cases, pegs or yo-yo extender. The purpose of these accessories is to highlight the card, to protect cards from external factors damages and to keep them within hand’s reach.

Advantages of ID card accessories

In the world of modern business, good communication and the time spent efficiently are fundamental for each successful business. Many companies have recognized ID cards as means to help them achieve it. In order to have ID cards clearly visible and always close to employees, they should be placed in ID card holders.
Using ID cards on daily bases causes damages on both, cards and card data, which are then hard to read. Moreover, because of the job dynamics, employees often forget cards and even lose them. However, ID cards are well protected from any kind of damage or loss once they have one of ID card accessories. Together with lanyards or pegs, these accessories enable clear visibility of data on ID cards and their availability.

Practical value of ID extenders

When using the right ID accessories, you extend the life of cards and not only will you keep them within reach but also your employees will have them at easily noticed spots.

Polycarbonate card holders

Polycarbonate card holders are plastic cases that protect cards from folding or physical damages and they also simplify the identification of employees. These card holders are made of polycarbonate and as such are very resistant and durable. They can have various extenders such as pegs, yo-yo or magnetic holders…

Hard plastic card holders

They are specific cases that protect cards from folding and physical damages used to simplify the identification of employees. Hard plastic card cases are made of hard and durable plastic. You can hardly imagine ID cards without their card holders that protect cards from damaging and losing them…

Soft plastic card holders

Soft plastic card holders are a practical and convenient solution for protection of ID cards. These card holders are made of good quality vinyl, extremely light and flexible. They protect not only plastic ID cards but also those cards printed on paper as well…

Yo-yo ID card holders

Yo-yo card holders are ID card accessories whose role is to hold cards. One part of yo-yo holder is simply attached to clothes, belts or pockets while ID card is attached to the other, flexible ending…

Pegs for ID cards

ID cards may also be attached using special pegs that fasten cards to clothes firmly, so cards fixed that way make the employees data clearly visible making the communication with clients easier and better.

Magnetic card holders

Magnetic card holders are a extremely flexible solution making the data on ID cards fully visible and clear. By using it, ID cards are easily fastened to any type of clothes causing no damage to fabrics…

3D stickers

3D stickers are actually 3D labels, one side self-adhesive of great printing quality and vivid colors, covered with a layer of transparent plastic resin that gives them the look of domed lenses – such convex shape is exactly what makes a 3D effect. These stickers are used for branding and identifying with the brand…

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