What are polycarbonate card holders?

Polycarbonate card holders are plastic cases that protect cards from folding or physical damages and are intended for an easier identification of employees. These card holders are made of polycarbonate and as such are very resistant and durable. They can be attached using various accessories like pegs, yo-yo or magnetic holders. There are several variations – clear or matte, horizontal or vertical but they can also be transparent and in various colors.

Advantages of polycarbonate card holders

The use of ID cards on daily basis may result in damaging them. Polycarbonate card holders are made of good quality materials, they are light and durable and protect cards from wear and tear, scratching and breaking. Designed for a simple and practical use, their dimensions are also customized for standard size of ID cards i.e. dimension of credit cards.

Influence on branding

of company

ID card is an important document in any company and you can hardly imagine using them without card holders. ID cards have become an integral part in the business world. Using ID cards results in a simple functioning of business within the company or department and bring about a positive effect on productivity of employees and their efficiency.
ID cards are intended for employees who are supposed to carry them in working environment, so their role is manifold. Besides making a stronger sense of belonging to the team and raising team awareness with employees, they also contribute to a better organization and additionally promote your brand.

Colors available for this type of card holder

These card holders are available in several models. Card holders with a special slot enable simple inserting and replacing cards providing their full protection. There are also models with the front side open, holders without a hole for hanging as well as the model for placing two cards in it.
All card holders are available in clear and matte version and they can be either horizontal or vertical.
They can also be of various colors: yellow, red, green, blue or purple.

Different models of polycarbonate card holders

Apart from being available in clear or matte version, polycarbonate card holders may also be of different dimensions.

CP02 – horizontal (without a hole for hanging)

dimension 86 x 54 x 0,76 mm

CP03 – horizontal

dimension 86 x 54 x 0,76 mm

CP08 – vertical

dimension 86 x 54 x 0,76 mm

CP09 – vertical (open)

dimension 86 x 54 x 0,76 mm

CP10 – horizontal (open)

dimension 86 x 54 x 0,76 mm

CP906 – horizontal (for two cards)

dimension 86 x 54 x 0,76 mm

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