What are yo-yo ID card holders?

Yo-yo card holders are ID card accessories whose role is to hold cards. One part of yo-yo holder is simply attached to clothes, belts or pockets while ID card is attached to the other, flexible ending. When using yo-yo card holder, employees’ cards are easily read because of a flexible string yo-yo holders have that can stretch and then return to yo-yo housing by itself.

Advantages of yo-yo holders

Above all, yo-yo holder enables great flexibility when using cards and holds cards close to you. One of good sides is its simple use – cards are attached on strings that extend when being pulled to the card reader. When released, the string shortens and returns to the initial position winding around the yo-yo spring. With this holder, ID card of your employees will always be within hand’s reach.
Another advantage of using yo-yo holders is the easy way they are fastened to clothes causing no damage to fabric.

Types of yo-yo holders

Yo-yo holders can be either metal or plastic ones. Plastic models are available in blue, red, black or white color. Besides other advantages, these yo-yo holders, as they are popularly known, leave space for 3D stickers where you can print your logo and strengthen the branding of your company.



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