What are 3D stickers?

3D stickers are actually 3D labels, one side self-adhesive of great printing quality and vivid colors, covered with a layer of transparent plastic resin that gives them the look of domed lenses – such convex shape is exactly what makes a 3D effect. These stickers are used for branding and identifying with the brand and you can stick them just anywhere you want depending on your creativity and what you need. 3D stickers are a simple and economical way to lift up the values of your brand visually.

Advantages of using 3D stickers

Sometimes just one detail gives a completely new dimension to an object making it more effective and the impression they leave is then more overwhelming. One of such details is 3D stickers. These stickers of good quality printing and vivid colors strengthen the brand of your company wherever they appear.

How can 3D stickers be used?

These 3D stickers are very convenient for labeling planners, laptops, bags, mobile phones or any other product. We use them for branding yo-yo card holders since that is one of the ways to strengthen branding of the company while at the same time they represent a comprehensive solution for identification of employees.

3D stickers printing

You can print stickers in the colors of your company, with your logo or any other interesting design and that way create even stronger image of your company. 3D stickers are most commonly put on yo-yo ID card holders giving the end-to-end solution for identification of employees. These 3D stickers can be placed even on RFID tags and over RFID labels.
The use of 3D stickers is flexible and you can stick them wherever you want, so your brand will always be visible and present. That way, your logo will be on accreditations at the events you host, on your employees’ mobile phone cases and other items.

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