Loyalty cards

What is a loyalty card?

Loyalty cards are used to reward your loyal customers giving additional value to the relationship between you and your customer or client. It symbolizes the sense of belonging and makes the trust in your brand even stronger.

Loyalty cards give you a chance to reward your loyal customers with special benefits, which most usually are special discounts.

If you link loyalty cards to one of software loyalty programs, you will get a wide range of possibilities to use advantages of such system.

All benefits of loyalty cards for companies

Obradujte i nagradite vaše kupce

Make your customers happy and reward them

Bodovima nagradite lojalne kupce

Reward your loyal customers with points

Pratite ponašanje i istoriju kupaca

Monitor the behavior and purchase history of your customers

Omogućite popuste robe pri isteku sezone

Offer discounts for goods near the end of the season

Pojačajte brend i prodaju

Make your brand and sales stronger

How do loyalty cards affect the relationship with the customer?

Getting and keeping the trust of customers has always been a serious challenge for sale business. In order to have a steady growth and get better sale results, it is essential to be active towards all consuming target groups. With loyalty cards, you will reduce the number of leaving customers and gain new ones.

Loyalty cards give benefits available to their holders only. They know it. Each purchase brings benefits to customers and it turns them into satisfied and loyal customers who will always come back. A motivated customer will not feel as they just spend money but as rewarded for it. Such customer will repeatedly make orders and will not leave you for your competition.

How can loyalty cards improve sales?

We cannot foretell the future but we know it lies in loyalty program that, along with personalized details, recruits new customers and encourage the existing ones to keep buying. Loyalty system and custom loyalty cards are the shortcut to your sales goal. In the era of digitalization, this strategy is the only one that certainly achieves results. We know customers take care of each coin and you care about each transaction.

The use of loyalty cards encourages long-standing customers and it directly increases profit and reduces business uncertainty. Loyalty cards are the tool for generating data and by handling such data as a resource, you may filtrate and carry out personalized campaigns. That way you encourage loyalty members to spend more.

Kako loyalty kartice mogu
da poboljšaju prodaju?

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Benefits and advantages encourage their purchasing activities and guarantee a repeated one, which is exactly what motivates customers to visit you frequently and does not make them give up on the brand easily in favor of competition.

Loyalty cards production

Printing and production of loyalty cards is the task you can entrust us with. We produce contactless loyalty cards or cards with barcode, with magnetic stripe or with a chip.

Loyalty cards design

Printing and production of loyalty cards is the task you can certainly entrust us with. If you do not have your own design, our experienced team will work on the design of your cards making sure to meet all the criteria.

Customizing loyalty cards

Each card is authentic! We can make contactless loyalty cards or cards with barcode, magnetic stripe or a chip. Depending on their purpose of use and the system, you may personalize cards in many ways. By implementing various technologies such as barcode, magnetic stripe, contact or contactless chip, you can easily read the information about customers in your system and follow their consumer behavior in your business offices or points of sale.

Frequently asked questions

What does a loyalty card do?

A loyalty platform, intended for all sales channels regardless of the way of communication, rewards customers’ loyalty while at the same time expands the company’s business network involving prospective customers in it. Considering the fact that priority of each reputable company is to keep a client, loyalty card is the most sophisticated way to do so.

How to make a loyalty card?

If you lack ideas, you can leave this job to our team of experts. By creating a perfect design and a message you wish to convey, we trigger a positive emotion with the end user. So, how do we do that? It all starts from the field our customers run their business in. Then we focus on the niche i.e. on the fact who the end users of your services are and what is it that they want to get from you as a ‘’reward’’. Visual identity of loyalty card is a personal stamp of each company and, as such, it should follow the trend of doing business and convey the right message.

Can loyalty cards drive brand growth and how?

Brand’s identity is the characteristic that is most difficult to copy and fake. Loyalty card, if well and professionally designed, can add up to recognition of your brand. Your card will be visible on each spot and an outstanding card design will make your brand distinctive, meaningful, memorized and recognized. That is the most difficult task but it definitely brings an extra profit and, going the way that defines your brand, your card is anyway the most noticeable synonym for quality. A brand is not built overnight and that is why you need to be consistent and professional.

Can I customize a loyalty card to fit the needs of business?

The better you know your customers, their habits and needs, the easier it will be for you to create rewarding program and be more successful in business. When you define rewards you want to give to your customers, you also need to define a realization plan. Offer your customers irresistible rewards and watch your business grow. Depending on the company’s business, loyalty card is always explicitly customized to meet its needs. We are there for you to help you establish the relationship with customers that they will feel as a never-ending, constantly developing and growing conversation.

Loyalty application form is the initial step you open loyalty program with for your customers. Besides having the space for necessary user’s personal data, clear information and instructions such as terms and conditions, scales for getting points or benefits the loyal program offers can also be printed on them.

Loyalty application forms provide:

• User’s data for a better marketing campaign

Simple process of becoming a member

Strengthening brand recognition

Loyalty pristupnica

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