Card Technology

RFID cards, NFC cards, MIFARE cards, cards with contact and contactless chips, magnetic stripes, or barcodes – we receive inquiries of this type on a daily basis. These cards have become indispensable, whether it's for retail stores, betting shops, pharmacies, or casinos. They are simple and practical to use, with some containing chips, some having magnetic stripes, some featuring barcodes, and others combining multiple technologies (e.g., cards with both a chip, magnetic stripe, and barcode). The common feature among all these technologies is their quick and convenient implementation and data protection.

Contactless Chip: RFID, NFC, and MIFARE Cards

Cards that utilize the most advanced technology are contactless chip cards, which are implemented within the card itself. These cards communicate and exchange information through radio waves and are known as RF cards. The application of contactless chip cards is straightforward and fast, making them highly popular in many industries. Simply tapping the card on a reader enables the exchange of information between the card and the reader. We also offer contactless chip card readers.

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We provide a wide range of chips for this technology,

including the following well-known ones:

RFID 125KHz,

MIFARE Classic 13,56MHz (1k, 4k),

MIFARE DESfire EV1, EV2 (2k, 4k i 8k),

MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE plus,

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Contact Chip

In addition to contactless chip cards, we also manufacture cards with contact chips. This type of technology is implemented by embedding a chip at a designated position on the card. When the card is placed in the slot intended for reading this type of chip, contact is made between the chip and the reader, enabling communication and reading of the information stored in the contact chip. We also offer contact chip card readers. For cards with contact chip technology, we use two types of chips: 5542 and 5528.

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Magnetic Stripes

One of the well-known technologies for many is magnetic stripes, which are applied to the card for encoding and subsequently reading data. Cards with magnetic stripes have a wide range of applications and fall into the category of contact technologies. The magnetic stripe is read by swiping the card through a magnetic stripe card reader, which reads all the data encoded in the magnetic stripe. We also offer magnetic stripe card readers. We produce cards with this technology using two types of magnetic stripes: LoCo and HiCo. The difference between these two types lies in their data encoding capacity. We have cards with magnetic stripes available in several different colors, and we also offer thin magnetic stripes with a significantly smaller surface area without compromising the capacity or performance of the magnetic stripe.

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Barcode Cards

Barcodes are one of the popular technologies used for card personalization. At our company, barcode printing is achieved using metallic foils or the highest quality barcode printing technology, known as DOD (Drop-On-Demand) printing. DOD barcode printing utilizes black ink and ensures high print quality and barcode durability. After printing, barcodes can be read using barcode readers, which we also offer. We can produce almost all types of barcodes, with visible or invisible numbers. Some of the well-known barcodes include EAN13, Code 128, and Code 39. In addition to barcodes, we can personalize cards with QR codes as well.

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