Contact chip readers

What are contact chip readers?

Contact chip readers are devices for reading data stored in chips that are embedded in plastic cards. Readers are used for safe access to network using any standard RFID cards. That is why it is an ideal solution to use it for ID card reading, e-banking card reader and similar documents.

Advantages of using them

High level of data security

Quick installation

Simple use

Besides combining easy use and high level of security, these readers reduce the likelihood for making a mistake in transferring data caused by the card being out of the range of antenna. Except this type of readers, there are also contactless chip readers, hybrid readers that read both types of microchips as well as those reading magnetic stripes and finally barcode scanners.

Security and quick installation

These readers enable transfer of information between card i.e. card chip and network services cards use. It enables electronic data processing that is, above all, identification, and access control, authorization and money transactions.
Installation and use of these devices are easy and quick – reader is connected with computer via USB cable, Plug and Play, and data processing starts when card is simply inserted into the reader.

RFID technology they use

Contact chip readers operate in such a way that cards are inserted into them and when the contact between chip and reader is made, readers read all the data in card chips. This type of readers is most widely used in online banking systems.

Models of contact chip readers

We offer two models of contact readers: Gemalto SL, slim design and Gemalto TR, transparent design.

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