What are RFID readers?

Contactless readers RFID technology used to read data written in chips within the card. Cards do not need to be inserted into readers in order to read data but you just swipe them to readers – the reason why they are called contactless readers. When you just simply swipe the card to reader, chip is activated over radio waves and data are transferred to computer where they are further processed. Reader and computer are connected with USB cable.

Advantages of using them

High level of data security

Quick installation

Simple use

Pored toga što se kombinuje jednostavnost korišćenja sa visokom bezbednošću podataka, upotrebom ovih čitača smanjuje se i mogućnost grešaka u prenosu podataka koje su uzrokovane izlaskom kartice iz dometa antene. Pored ovih čitača, postoje i čitači beskontaktnog čipa, hibridni čitači koji mogu da čitaju obe vrste čipa, ali i čitači magnetne trake i bar-kod skeneri.

Use of RFID reader

The use of contactless chips enables high level of data security, saves time and allows greater flexibility. All these resulted in wider use of contactless solutions in various fields and they are most commonly used for access control, money transactions and identification of employees in the companies that use the application for tracking working hours.

RFID technology used

The use of the reader is very simple – swiping the card to it activates the chip and data transferred to computer via radio waves are further processed and stored. Reader and computer are connected with USB cable. Contactless readers work at frequency of RFID 125 KHz and Mifare 13.56 MHz.

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