Loyalty application forms

What is a loyalty application forms?

Loyalty application form is the initial step in a complex system of loyalty program. Their purpose is to collect data about users and have the role to provide informationterms and conditions of loyalty programs are usually printed on them and may vary from brand to brand. It is important to keep a loyal customer informed about the ways the brand will reward them in return for trust and loyalty. The information about the card loyalty application forms generates is relevant for you because you can use it in marketing campaign but you can also communicate through them by informing customers about promotions, new products or benefits you prepared for them.

Loyalty application forms should follow the style and visual integrity of your company that additionally intensifies recognition of your brand and connection with customers.

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The advantage of loyalty application forms

Data about customers for a better marketing campaign

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Simplified method of becoming a member

Increasing brand recognition

The importance of loyalty program in the relationship with customers

Finding new customers and retaining regular ones have always been challenging and uncertain regardless of the size of business and being it a small shop or a chain of stores. In order to have a stable business and continual growth of company the relationship with customers is the only thing we must never stop investing in. Data most usually printed on loyalty application forms are the one that keep customers or members of loyalty program informed about the way to earn or spend points but about other benefits as well. The future lies in loyalty program that motivates customers and that way recruits new ones while at the same time it also engages the current ones to repeat their purchases. Loyalty program is also a flexible means of communication with customers. Information about birthday discounts, great discount promotions, new products and other important information cannot reach customers without the tool such as loyalty program.
Loyalty program collects data about customers, follows their spending habits and segments them i.e. categorizes them in such a way that when a specifically created marketing strategy is applied, you know exactly who you address and what to offer them. It means that with a program like this you can also encourage their spending habits and motivate them to visit your shops more often; and even more importantly, you do not let them give up on your brand in favor of your competition.

Designed loyalty application forms

Authentically designed loyalty application forms following your visual identity will point out the image of the company and strengthen your brand in the customers’ awareness. People will recognize you more easily, which increases the chance they will particularly choose your brand.

We can design loyalty and gift cards just like loyalty application forms for you or we can follow the design you already have. We can do it all for you – printing loyalty application forms and cards as well as barcode labels  or anything you may need for loyalty and trust program.

Order the design of loyalty application forms

Our team of experts specialized in design will develop an assertive visual experience starting from loyalty application forms to cards or holders and such impression will result in trust, loyalty and keeping to your brand.

Family cards

Using family cards gives an extra motivation because all family members collect points within one account and that way reach the goal of set number of points faster. This opportunity is your advantage to tell your customers you care about them. They will recognize it and return with loyalty.

Loyalty program terms and conditions

Each loyalty program has different rules – the way of collecting points and rewarding customers. It is necessary to introduce customers to such loyalty program rules. Loyalty application forms have enough space to present rules of loyalty program transparently and inform your customers how to get benefits.

User’s data

All relevant data about users, generated for segmenting and creating target groups with the aim of further using it in creating campaigns and special promotions, remain on loyalty application form that you keep.

Data protection

General data protection regulation i.e. GDPR is a regulation that sets personal data protection as top priority. That way you ensure your customers that their data will not be misused.

Removable label

A barcode label or removable label is the one produced and assigned to each loyalty card, made with exactly the same integrated number like the barcode number that stays on cards. With removable labels transferred from cards to loyalty application forms, the chance to make a mistake when assigning the card is lower just like the possibility to mistaken or lose cards. Besides that, you save employee’s time by using a removable barcode label.

Barcode that stays with you

This is a barcode of the card you give to the user and whose purpose is to identify the holder of loyalty card. Having a removable label you transfer from cards to loyalty application form, you reduce the possibility of making a mistake when assigning cards as well as the possibility to mistaken or lose cards. Besides that, you save employee’s time by using a removable barcode label. Instead of writing the whole card serial number, they just simply remove barcode label and stick it to loyalty application form.

Packaging offer

Besides the printing of loyalty application forms and barcode labels, you can finish the whole process with us. It includes packaging of cards and lanyards in bags, then sticking cards to their card holders or application forms as well as packaging in envelopes meaning putting flyers in their envelopes and putting cards in their card holders. The services we offer speed up the mechanism of implementing loyalty program into your business. We strictly meet deadlines and quality standard we agree upon – this process is far easier with us.

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