Barcode labels

What is barcode?

Identification of customers in database is simple and easy with a unique barcode that customers get on their cards. Based on that number, we recognize clients in our databases and pair such data with their user’s account.

Barcode labels are the solution that simplifies and makes the process of subscription to one of loyalty programs easier. Predetermined generated barcodes printed on unique personalized cards are then assigned to customers.

What are the advantages of using barcodes?

Pojednostavljuju proces učlanjenja

They make subscription process simpler

Smanjuju mogućnost greške pri dodeljivanju kartica

Helps avoiding possible mistakes when giving cards to customers

Štede vreme vaših zaposlenih

Save employees’ time

Where are barcodes used?

Barcodes database imported into the loyalty program system is used to identify customers. Such barcodes are generated in advance and then printed on cards given to customers. They represent the means of identification and each customer has own unique number based on which we identify them and distinguish them from other customers.

Barcode labels with identical generated number are printed for each personalized card. By using the sticker transferred from cards to application forms, you reduce the possibility of making a mistake when giving cards to customer as well as the possibility of switching or losing cards. Apart from that, you actually save the time of your employees when barcodes are used. Reading barcodes is done using barcode reader.

We produce high-quality barcode labels and during the production process using special machines, we place them directly on cards so that later they are easily transferred onto application forms. The production of barcode labels is done using cutting-edge technologyDOD printing, which is durable and resistant to wear and tear.

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