What are hard plastic card holders?

Card holders made of hard plastic are special cases protecting cards from folding or physical damages and they also make the identification of employees easy. Card holders made of hard plastic are made of hard and durable plastic material. It is hard to imagine ID cards without card holders that protect cards from damages and losing them.

Advantages of hard plastic card holders

Card holders made of hard plastic protect plastic ID cards from external factors damages. A resistant material protects cards from folding and scratching. Card holder design is customized for practical use, so ID cards are easily inserted and stand still in holders. Data on cards are clearly visible and easily accessed.

The influence on the image of company

ID holders are inevitable element in ID card solutions. Along with branded lanyards, they make a good impression of your company even better. The basic role they have is to protect card and make the data on it easily noticed and fully visible.
It is hard to imagine an ID card without card holder. Holders protect cards whereas damaged ID card of your employees leaves a bad impression about your company.

Types of products

Depending on the position of holes for hanging, these holders can be horizontal or vertical.

CAPI horizontal

dimensions 86 x 54 x 0,76 mm

CAPI vertical

dimensions 86 x 54 x 0,76 mm

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