What are card holders made of soft plastic?

Card holders made of soft plastic are practical and available solution for protection of ID cards. These card holders are made of good quality vinyl, very light and flexible. They protect not only plastic cards but the cards printed on paper as well. Clean and resistant transparent material protects cards from damages of daily use and enables clear visibility of data on cards at the same time.

Advantages of soft plastic card holders

Soft plastic card holders are designed for a practical use. Card cases made of soft plastic can be attached to lanyards, badges or pegs or simply removed from accessories and placed in wallets.

Influence on branding

ID cards are meant to be carried in working environment. The role of ID cards is manifold. Besides making a stronger sense of belonging to a team and raising the team awareness with employees, they also contribute to a better organization and additionally promote your brand.
Holders protect cards whereas a damaged ID card of your employees creates a bad image about the company. Soft plastic card holders make ID cards transparent and easily noticed.

Types of soft plastic card holders

There are two types of these holders – vertical and horizontal and they can be of various dimensions

CP001 – without holes for hanging

dimensions 87 x 55 mm

CP019 – vertical

dimensions 112 x 67 mm

CP018 – horizontal

dimensions 94 x 70 mm

XXL – vertical

dimensions 111 x 161 mm

XXL2 – vertical

dimensions 87 x 142 mm

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