What are magnetic card holders?

Magnetic card holders are an exceptionally flexible solution that makes the data on ID card easily noticed and clearly visible. By using it, ID cards are simply attached to any clothes with no damages to the fabric.
Magnetic card holders consist of two strong magnets holding ID card together with a plastic holder, thus firmly attached to clothes. One magnet part is placed on the inside of clothes surface and over the fabric attaches with the other part on the outside.

Advantages of magnetic card holders

The advantages of using magnetic holders i.e. magnetic card holders is that when you use them, clothes or uniforms are not damaged and the quality of protecting cards and data on them remains unvarying. They are simply elegant and minimalist ID accessories.

The use of magnetic card holders

ID card holders are an inevitable element in ID card solutions. Along with branded lanyards, they leave a stronger impression about your company. Their main role is to protect cards and make the data on cards easily noticed and fully visible.
You can hardly imagine an ID card without its holder. Card holders protect cards whereas a damaged ID card of employees creates a bad image about the company.

Dimensions and colors of magnetic cards holders

Long model, 45 x 13 mm comes in silver while self-adhesive magnetic holder, 20 x 20 mm is available in black.

Types of magnetic card holders

We offer plate-like, long silver magnetic holder – 45 x 13 mm with three magnets as buckles as well as self-adhesive magnetic holder of dimensions 20 x 20.

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