What are key rings we offer?

Key rings made of standard ripstop fabric, reflective ripstop or satin, are a perfect promotional gift with a variety of uses. Whether you have them on your car key ring, office or apartment key ring, they are certainly used on daily basis. With the logo of your company printed, these key rings will always remind clients of your company making your marketing campaign ever-present.
Depending on the kind of business needs, these key rings can be of different length with various extenders at their ends like bottle opener, carabiner clip or GSM accessory that add up to the practical value of such gift.

Why should you give promotional key rings to your clients?

They tell about the value of your brand

Great practical value

Ever-present advertising campaign

The cooperation with clients will be closer and more productive if we show them how much they mean to us. We do that not only by a professional and good quality way of doing our business but also through small gifts that build long lasting partnership. Promotional gifts fostering the value of our brand come as very useful in this case. Key rings are promotional gifts of great practical value whether we have them with car keys, apartment keys or office key; they will always be in the hands of clients creating an ever-lasting marketing campaign.

Key ring production

For production of key rings, we use durable materials with long lasting and precise imprint of the logo or slogan of your brand. Various extenders and the choice of material with authentic print design may turn your key ring into a powerful marketing tool.

Types of key rings

Key rings can be made of satin or ripstop. We offer reflective and standard ripstop fabric. The extender used for attaching it to keys can be a carbiner clip or a ring.

Wide use of key rings

Promotional key rings are one of the oldest marketing tools – they are universal promotional material of great practical value. It is more than obvious that everyone needs key rings and both, men and women have them, so it means a promotional key ring is always a good idea. Key rings are actually an excellent promotional product for each target group. Given that they are easily placed from one set of keys to other, they fall into the category of "a walking advertisement" that turns out to be a powerful means for expanding the network of customers easily.

Satin and ripstop

Reflective ripstop

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