Material for lanyards

Depending on what you want and what you need, we can produce lanyards and key rings from satin, risptop or reflective ripstop. These materials have proven to be very durable and resistant to wear and tear and enable high quality and durability of printing, the reason why there is no doubt our products will last long.

Satin is not a type of textile material but the method of weaving and the difference between three possible ways is how threads are interwoven. Twisted yarns are woven in atlas weave pattern during the production process. Such weaving method means that fewer threads interlace at the front and the result is a smooth lustrous surface. Satin is usually made of a combination of nylon, polyester, cotton and silk. Since satin can be made using several different threads, product made of satin are usually referrer to as silk satin.
Because of the vividness of colors and high quality of printing on this material, satin lanyards become a special detail at each important event and the crucial factor for building a company’s good image.

materijali trakica ukrasni saten

Decorative satin is characteristic for its method of weaving that gives this material a discreet pearly glow and higher flexibility. That is the reason why ribbons made of this type of satin is the right solution for decorating corporate gifts or homemade products packaging and an elegant detail at any type of celebration events.

Materijal ukrasna trakica

Ripstop is a type of material characteristic for dense weaving and raised texture. These features make the material resistant to wear and tear. Lanyards made of ripstop are extremely strong and durable.

Materijal rips

Reflective ripstop. When another element is added to durable fabric as ripstop is – a reflective thread that refracts light, you get reflective ripstop fabric. This material makes lanyards easily noticed even in low visibility conditions.

Materijal reflektujuci rips

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