What is XID 8300?

It is one of the most popular models of transfer printers with the possibility to upgrade with lamination module and top performances for an excellent card printing quality. This printer meets all needs of everyday printing and personalization of cards. It is possible to use XID 8300 for printing cards of various types of plastic while it is also convenient for printing RFID cards – for access control, tracking working hours, transport or membership cards. This printer offers great color intensity and printing on the whole card surface – edge-to-edge. It is a modular type easily upgraded with additional options such as lamination of cards and card encoding.

Matica XID 8300 stampac

The advantages of XID 8300 printers

XID 8300 is a transfer printer that meets all conditions for plastic card printing. XID 8100 operates on the principles of thermal transfer printing and can print any type of plastic cards. It has the option for USB or network connectivity. This printer delivers a high quality printing – 300 dpi resolution at the speed of about 120 cards per hour.

Matica XID 8300 stampac mob 0.1

XID8300 Matica Single-Sided

  • Transfer printing

  • 300 dpi resolution

  • Printing speed: 120 cards of single sided color printing per hour

  • Input hopper: 200 cards

  • Output hopper: 100 cards

  • Option for encoding: magnetic stripe and contactless chip

  • Connectivity: USB and network (Ethernet)

  • Possibility to print cards of various types of material: PVC, ABS, PET, polycarbonate

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