Badgy 200

What is Badgy 200?

Badgy200 is a comprehensive solution for simple, good quality and highly professional color cards production. It easily fits into any working environment because it is light and of small dimension, the reason why it is also easily portable and convenient to use for work outside office and at various events. It is practical for small series and single printing of cards. It is quickly installed and simple to use.

The advantages of Badgy 200 printer

It is easily installed and used as a standard printer. The solution Badgy 200 offers contains the software using which it is possible to connect to an Excel database and that way import database or designed card templates. This printer meets any demand for graphic personalization. It is possible to print single cards or small series of cards using this printer.
This printer is adjusted to widespread use – in just a few simple steps and short time, you will have a finished personalized card. The Badgy 200 solution includes printer, consumables as well as the software that enables cards personalization. The card printed using Badgy 200 is done in less than a minute.

Badgy200-Card printing solution

  • Thermal, sublimation, direct printing

  • 300 dpi resolution

  • Color printing: 95 cards per hours

  • Monochrome printing: 325 cards per hour

  • Input hopper: 25 cards (0.76 mm) or 40 cards (0.50 mm)

  • Output hopper: 25 cards (0.76 mm) or 40 cards (0.50 mm)

  • Card format: ISO CR-80-ISO 7810 (53.98 x 85.60 mm)

  • Software: Evolis Badge Studio

  • Connectivity: USB

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