What are paper wristbands?

Paper wristbands are disposable wristbands of great quality, a perfect replacement for entry tickets or passes and used for identification of visitors or event hosts. Due to their characteristics, they are suitable for parties, fairs and events; especially for festival or events with multiple entries and exits.

What are paper wristbands good for?

Because of their characteristics, paper wristbands have found a variety of uses but they are especially convenient for one-day events. These wristbands are flexible, adjusted to the size of wrist using die cut adhesive closure at their endings. The adhesive stripe is waterproof that turns these wristbands into a good solution for swimming pools, aqua parks, beaches and spa centers. Die cuts at their endings cannot split without visibly damaging them, which prevents using the same wristbands more than once. You can only remove paper wristbands by cutting them with scissors.

Design of paper wristbands

The wristband surface is convenient for printing logo, slogan or the theme of the event. Paper wristbands are designed to look attractive and participants or visitors will not want to take them off and throw them away after the event but they will keep such wristbands as a souvenir or memory and that way continue the promotion of your brand.

Production – Wristband printing

We produce paper wristbands of top quality, in small or large series depending on your needs and based on your design or the one we create. If you have no idea what your wristband should look like, our team will create it for you.

Materials paper wristbands are made of

The material they are made of – tyvek, is actually polyethylene threads of high density. It is waterproof, flexible and extremely durable. These wristbands are impossible to tear or use more than once. Paper wristbands are flexible, which means you can adjust them to the size of wrist, and appropriate for both, men and women. It is impossible to take them off without cracking. The sticky ends of the paper stickers have a security role.

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