Plastic wristbands

What are plastic wristbands?

Plastic wristbands are strong and durable wristbands of top quality, a perfect replacement for entry tickets and passes and used for identification of visitors or event hosts. Due to their characteristics, they are convenient for parties, fairs and happenings and especially for festivals and events with multiple entries and exits. Plastic wristbands are flexible and you can adjust them to any size of wrist.

Where are plastic wristbands used?

Plastic wristbands are extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to damages. For that reason, they are convenient for events lasting for more than one day. They are most commonly used at swimming pools, parties, in hotels and nightclubs, spa centers, festivals and similar events.

Advantages of plastic wristbands

Due to the durability of the material they are made of, plastic wristbands keep the color and the quality of printing even when wearing them for long time. This makes them easily noticed, which is of an utmost importance at the events requiring quick and simple identification of visitors. They close with plastic safety buckle used to adjust the size of wristbands at the same time. Buckle opens to remove wristbands only with using scissors to cut it. This prevents transferring wristbands and wearing them again.

The production of plastic wristbands

We produce authentic wristbands for events in small and large series. Plastic wristbands are flexible, so you can adjust them to the size of wrist meaning that one size fits all and both, men and women can wear them. It is not possible to wear them several times – once you remove them, you cannot wear them again because of their safety buckle. Plastic wristbands are a durable solution for simple and quick access control at big events.

Single color printing

Wristbands of various colors

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