What are price tag printers?

Price tag printers are a special type of printers that along with price tag holders make an end-to-end and efficient solution for single sided printing of price tags. These printers are easy to use and work the same way as any standard office printer. Because of their very practical dimensions, they are convenient for use at points of sale or anywhere you need them. Depending on the type of printers, they print small or large number of cards, separately or in series in the record time.

The use of price tag printers

Depending on the needs of your business, you can use them at your point of sale or any other spot as your organization demands. These printers use special blank cards for printing price tags. PVC cards for printing price tags can be white or black varying from the model of printers and their performances. Some more advanced models of price tag printers can print in color and double sided in the case of which you can easily print the information relevant to sellers on the back of the cards while the front of the card will contain the information relevant to guests or customers.

The advantages of using price tag printers

If you need a professional and simple product labeling, then this is an excellent solution for you. Using a price tag printer saves resources and money and results in creating the image of a shop that takes care of each detail. If you want to focus on new products or special offer, printing equipment will be very handy.

This solution is everything you need if your idea is to find the way for displaying the product so that it matches the image of your company – great flexibility in optimization of displaying the product price or ingredients on cards where you can also place your logo, the information on allergens or any other relevant information even in more languages.

Price tag solution with plastic cards is the ideal one for those who want to optimize the way of presenting food and dishes. The prices or specification displayed in this way strengthen the image of your brand and provides clear and in-depth information.
Modern business requires quick decisions and reliable solutions. What it means in practice is that such solutions are most easily reached within the company itself. If you introduce these cards into your point of sale – the baker’s, cheese shop, the butcher’s or cake shop, you will most certainly satisfy all your customers’ senses.

Edikio Access

Edikio Access is an end-to-end and a very practical solution for simple printing of price tags. It is user-friendly, operates in the same way as any other office printer and, because of its ideal dimensions, very practical and convenient for the use at any point of sale or anywhere you need it...

Edikio Flex

Edikio Flex is a flexible printer that enables designing and printing price tags on standard or long card format. With a larger writing area on a long size cards, this printer is a perfect solution for clear and transparent display...

Edikio Duplex

Ediko Duplex is the printer designed for professional and good quality price tag printing on plastic cards. With its ability of printing double sided, it is ideal for displaying any necessary information about products. The front of the cards shows information relevant to customers – price, allergens, the origin of product, ingredients, etc. The back of the card contains the information personnel needs, which can be barcodes, the list of similar products...

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