How are blank cards for price tags used?

Blank cards for price tags are PVC cards whose purpose is to highlight and display either prices or ingredients of products. They are used with special printers intended solely for printing price tags and name tags. Depending on the model and performances of the printer, cards can be either black or white. Some models of price tag printers have the option to print cards in color and double sided when the back of the card contains the information relevant to sellers and the front side of the card displays the information guest and customers find relevant. What makes them different compared to other cards is that they are non-toxic and certified for food.

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Benefits of using blank cards for price tags

If you introduce these cards into the business of your shop, bakery, delicatessen shop or cake shop, you will undoubtedly give your customers a brand new experience for all their senses. They leave you the option to update the information and price of products on time and your guests or customers will certainly appreciate the relevance, precision and accuracy of everything displayed.

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Types of blank cards for price tags

These PVC cards can be white or black, so that black printing goes on white cards to achieve contrast and perfect visibility while black cards go with white printing for the same reason. Some printers have the option for ‘’chalk’’ style printing that makes these cards even more attractive solution and more authentic.

Materijal kartica za cene

Price cards are made of PVC material. They are durable, wear-resistant, can withstand all conditions - humidity, high or low temperatures. These cards are certified and bacteriologically correct. Unlike paper or plastic cards, they are easy to maintain and water resistant.

The use of blank cards for price tags

Price tag solution with plastic cards is the ideal one for those who want to optimize the way of presenting food and dishes. The prices or specification displayed in this way strengthen the image of your brand and provides clear and in-depth information. If you are seeking the professional and simple solution for labeling products, then blank cards is the perfect one. With this solution, you save resources and money and it leaves the impression of the store that takes care of each detail. If you want to focus on new products or special offer, these cards will be very handy.

Blank cards for price tags

This solution is everything you need if your idea is to find the way for displaying the product so that it matches the image of your company – great flexibility in optimization of displaying the product price or ingredients on cards where you can also place your logo, the information on allergens or any other relevant information even in more languages.

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