What are price tag holders?

Specially designed plastic card holders make the price tag easily noticed and available.
Our holders have been designed in such a way that you can place them in showcase, hang on shelves or baskets, put them in dishes together with food and similar.


Importance of price tag holders

Customers undoubtedly recognize the devotion and efficiency in the approach to your business. You express it mainly through the quality of your products and service you offer but also through cozy interior of your place.
Price is the basic form of communication between goods and customers and that is the reason why customers pay most attention to it. Prices displayed on plastic cards give your shop the sense of harmony and authentic look and help strengthening the image of your brand, so the practical side of it results in saving time and money.

Labeling product names

Customers seek accurate information about products. They want to know about ingredients, nutrition values, and allergens. All this information is available and easily readable on plastic card tags. These cards have an additional value since you can print any information about the product that enhances the communication between sellers and customers.
Besides price tag holders, we can also offer you an end-to-end solution that includes Edikio software specially designed for creating authentic price tags and product name cards fast, simply and in the best quality way.

This solution has a special option for labeling the name of product. Using this option, product labels on plastic cards become a great solution for catering services, restaurants, bakeries or hotels. Apart from being very easy to clean and safe to use them with food, these labels printed in certain letter font will add up to exclusive and sophisticated look of each point of sale.
As an official dealer of the Evolis company products, we will provide you with the end-to-end price tag solution, starting from cards in various colors and dimensions, over three models of printers and finally to ribbons and plastic card holders.

Card holder design

Depending on the concept of your shop, your idea and the purpose of use, card holders should be in harmony with the purpose and the interior of your store. You can choose between several types of holders from our offer.
All the card holders we offer are made of materials intended for using them in contact with food; they are resistant to heat and moisture and withstand extremely low and high temperatures.

A narrow price tag spike with a sharp tip safe for direct contact with food is something you will find in our offer. Besides the narrow one, there is also a wide price tag spike convenient for direct contact with food displayed in refrigerated showcases.

Magnetic card holders can be small or large ones – 8 cm or 12 cm. These holders with a magnet stand for displaying cards along with your products on counters or shelves are an elegant solution for various purposes.

A peg holder also comes in two sizes – small and large one. They are very convenient and you can hang them on baskets and shelves or place them in the dish with food. They are of dimensions 4 cm or 8 cm.

Table card holders are a perfect solution for restaurants, cafés, fishmonger’s, catering and delicatessen stores.

The holders we offer can be used for various purposes; they can be narrow or wide, placed on the surface or attached to holders. There are also holders for two cards, holders with magnet and those that are specially created for the purpose of your business such as holders for delicatessen shops, fishmonger’s, catering, etc.
Price tag cards standing on holders are made of high quality plastic that makes them resistant to wear and tear, low and high temperatures and moisture. Unlike laminated cards and paper ones, they are more long lasting and hygienic since you can easily wash them with water. These cards are made of non-toxic material certified for food.

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