What is Matica ILM-LS/DS?

Laminator modules ILM-LS I DS upgrade printers of XID 8xxx series. By applying transparent or hologram foil onto already printed card, you increase its durability providing higher level of protection from wear and tear. At the same time, these foils enable practical protection from forgery. Due to all abovementioned, public institutions, banks and other companies whose cards require high security level extensively use these laminators.

DS is a type using two foils at the same time and has the ability to laminate both-sided while LS model uses only one foil for this process and can print only single sided.

Adventages of Matica ILM-LS/DS laminators

Models that are compatible with XID series printers are extremely fast and reliable. The ILM-LS model takes 16 seconds for one-sided lamination, and the ILM-DS model can laminate a card on both sides in 30 seconds.

  • Modules for single side and both side lamination
  • Upgrade of XID 8xxx series printers
  • Lamination speed: 16 seconds per card single side printing and 30 seconds both side printing
  • Lamination: transparent or hologram
  • Thickness of lamination foil: 0.5 microns and 1 micron
  • Option for lamination with hologram foil in two designs – Card Waves design and 3 Globes design

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