What are RFID labels?

RFID labels are a very practical addition easily placed on any item or material to add them possibilities of RFID technologies. RFID labels, popularly known as smart labels, have an obvious advantage compared to old-fashioned barcode labels when it is necessary to provide the information that people can read and understand easily.

Advantages of RFID labels

You can easily stick it on any item or material

Simple and safe application

Advanced technology

Due to its flexibility, they are used in many different fields of business.
Companies or buildings with the access control systems use RFID labels as a practical means for fast upgrading of the system. When the system is updated, upgraded or altered in any possible way, employees do not need to wait for new RFID cards because you can place an RFID label containing special data on the cards already in use.

RFID technology labels use

RFID device is a reader i.e. terminal for collecting data that uses radio transmission for sending energy to transponder, in this case RFID tag or wristband, which then sends feedback. Data collected this way, as in barcode, can be further processed. Basic components of tags are microchip and antenna embedded in special housing resistant to external factors such as extreme temperature, dust, water, dirt, etc.
RFID labels are self-adhesive, waterproof and very practical due to their dimensions – about 2 cm in diameter and they work at frequency of 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz.

Where can RFID labels be used

Hosts of certain events where high level of security is required use RFID labels as an extension to accreditations for their personnel or participants. This way the access control is faster, more efficient and reliable.

Besides the abovementioned ways to use them, the information carrier in the form of tags or labels is usually placed on items, packaging, pallet, container or even the product itself so that it can be transported with it. Data stored in tags or labels can be various but they are mostly used for identification.

Production of RFID labels

We produce unique RFID labels that work in the same way as RFID contactless cards – tags. Their main advantage is that they can be inserted in or attached to any item used on daily basis (laptop, mobile phone, planner, etc.).

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